Access BlinkStick from Docker container

I’m trying to access the blinkstick from inside docker container (Docker for Windows). Couldn’t really find a way to have the usb device enabled. Any suggestion?

Hey @yudataguy, welcome to the forums. I think this should be possible for Linux, but not sure about Windows though. What OS are your Docker images?

I can test with linux first. the docker image is ubuntu 18.04

I believe you are waiting for Hyper-V to allow USB passthrough. WSL2 and Docker for Windows both use Hyper-V under the covers. Changing the colors from PowerShell and the BlinkStick app work fine, since neither require Hyper-V.

Example attempt from my machine trying to pull any and all BlinkSticks from Ubuntu 20.04 in WSL2:

 ☁️ +32°F [23:54] ~/src/blinkstick  ▶ cat test.js && echo ---- && node test.js
var blinkstick = require('blinkstick');

blinkstick.findAllSerials(function(serials) {

Article snippet in the WSL2 Github issue tracker:

[...] unfortunately in this case though, this is not entirely WSL2's fault, since native USB pass-through is just not supported by Hyper-V, if it wasn't clear :) [...]