Absolute coding novice - want to use simple script at startup/shutdown


I am a novice with most languages and am struggling to get my Blinkstick Flex to do what I want - which is turn on with Windows and cycle through rainbow colours and turn off when I shut down Windows.

The Blinkstick app for Windows sort of works, but it tends to forget to turn the Flex off when I shut down so the LEDs stay on all the time, also it’s buggy and crashes sometimes.

Can anyone suggest a script / tutorial to run at startup to turn on the Blinkstick Flex with ambient light, and another script I can run during shutdown to turn it off.


I haven´t tested it by myself but you can write two small python scripts and run it by autostart/shutdown (gpedit.msc)
Please find some info of how to install the BlinkStick python library on windows here:

You will find some general examples here:

Possible command line options:

In the first script you need a morph in a loop.
In the second script you only need to switch off the device.