Would is be possible to power LED strips using USB



I recently bought a BlinkStick Pro with LED adaptor and wired them up to a strip of LEDs. I was wondering if the barrel plug could be replaced by a USB power source someway instead.
The specs of the provided adaptor are ‘IN: AC110-240V - OUT: DC12V/3A’, and these are the lights is it in anyway possible?

Thank you!


Also one other question, my Pro with LED adaptor appears as a flex when sudo blinkstick -i is run in terminal as shown below, is this normal?
Thanks again!


Hey Nathaniel,
a USB power supply with your given specs should not be a problem. The barrel should be connected like this:
Power Supply: (-) -(o- (+)

If you need to solder it to the board take a look at this:

The thing with the description is weird… I have a BlinkStick Pro 2.1 and this isn´t recognized as a flex. Maybe @arvydas changed the firmware? But the description should not be a problem for you.

Edit: Sorry, haven´t seen that one: [SOLVED] Win 8.1 detects BS Pro as BS Flex
So it is a issue with a few devices.


Okay, thanks!
Hope you had a good holiday season!

@arvydas, is there a way to call brightness in a script?
For example:

def cinemared():
    for bstick in blinkstick.find_all():

Is there a bstick for brightness that I’m missing as both bstick.limit and bstick.brightness are not recognised.



Hey Nathaniel,
there is no function for brightness in the python module.
Please take a look at a simple script I´ve wrote for that purpose:

from blinkstick import blinkstick
import time

led = blinkstick.find_first()
Brightness = 20


r = 0
g = 0
b = 0
r,g,b = led._hex_to_rgb("#ff0000")
r = (Brightness / 100.0 * r)
g = (Brightness / 100.0 * g)
b = (Brightness / 100.0 * b)

led.set_color(red=r, green=g, blue=b)

“Brightness” is a value between 0 and 100. Feel free to try it out.


Thanks @p0ke, that worked great!

def goDarkBlue():
    for bstick in blinkstick.find_all():
                Brightness = 5
                r,g,b = bstick._hex_to_rgb("#3F89FF")
                r = (Brightness / 100.0 * r)
                g = (Brightness / 100.0 * g)
                b = (Brightness / 100.0 * b)
                bstick.set_color(red=r, green=g, blue=b)
    return redirect("/") 

Is how I adapted your sample script.

Thanks again.

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