Run on blinkstick boot?


So the ATTiny 85 has non volatile program memory where the blinkstick firmware is essentially written to at the factory. Is there a way to run blink stick programs on boot (IE USB power being connected)?

We have a project we’re going to use blink stick for but this is really a necessity. It will indicate boot sequence and be a certain colour until the boot sequence if far enough along and the USB ko’s are loaded to take over.


Hey Kevin,

could this be what you looking for?

I think it is still in progress…

Hi Kevin,

Welcome to the forums. We do have hardware based playback, but that has been implemented only for BlinkStick v1.1. It’s possible to add support for other devices, however there are certain limitations as there are 32 slots for animations. The animation at index 0 is the one that runs when BlinkStick is not connected to USB and will keep playing until it’s stopped with software. Is this what you are looking for?


Yes that’s pretty much what I’m looking for as long as it also supports steps for the morph function and / or a delay.

Couldn’t find where to download it from? Also what’s this its only 1.1 compatible? Is 1.1 just different firmware? The 1.1 link just goes to the hompage… I have a blink strip.

This isn’t supported in any of the devices yet apart from custom built v1.1.

Ah so v1.1 is new hardware… Interesting can you please tell me how its different from the ATTiny85 used in the current Blink Strip?

No, v1.1 is actually one of the first BlinkSticks. ATTiny85 has very limited resources. Not sure if it’s going to be possible to port that bit of code to other BlinkStick hardware. Haven’t actually looked into this, because I didn’t have requests to support this kind of feature.

Still confused but whatever. So the blink stick is supported? Where can I get a copy to try this hardware based playback?