Red & Blue swapped on different leds


Not sure why but when using these 5mm leds my Red and Blues are swapped vs my strips.

Any ideas?

WS2812 module with blinkstick pro

Hey Aaron,

what exactly are you trying to do and how exactly you have connected the LEDs to the BlinkStick? How many LEDs are part of the strip and are you using an external power supply?
Please give us a few more informations.


Right now I am just at basic testing with these and it’s not looking good. I hooked them up to the R channel for testing off my board. No power supply as it is just one led at a time testing. I tested 5, all do the same thing. And a correction it is the Red and Green that is swapped not Red and Blue.

For simple testing just using the blink stick client to light up the led and that is how I figured this all out. If I plug my 5 led test strip in, the colors are correct. I suspect these may be SK6812’s and not WS2812. I read something last night while digging the color format is different between the two. SK’s being RGB and WS’s being GRB or BGR, cant remember which but might explain what I am seeing.

Also I haven’t been able to make anything work on the B and G channels either now that I am doing more testing. I can get it to flicker when the Pro turns on or I change the mode but nada on them either with the client or in python. Traced all connections and all is good.


I was correct, its SK and not a WS. New batch of 5mm round tops came in and the color is right so I don’t have to flip to format around in python.


hello, everyone I find you have discussed sk6812 smd led, here I also have buy a 5m SK6812-RGB flexible led strip, but use led controller to control, here have some color can show, here have someone can give me some suggest.



Welcome to the forums.
First of all there is no guarantee that BlinkStick will work perfectly together with SK6812 LEDs as it is made basicly for WS2812.

Please see the image below:

The example is a WS2812 LED.
Regarding to your LEDs try to connect as follows:
Blinkstick -> SK6812
5V -> VDD
R -> DIN

But like @AaronL stated above there must be a problem with switched colors. So you have to find out if your devices understands RGB, GRB, BRG… whatever.

Please let us know about your progress.