Notifications from an Microsoft Exchange Server


Does anyone know how to get new mail notifications from an email account using Microsoft Exchange server? My work email uses this protocol and I would like a visual method of notifying me I have new emails because it often outlook is minimised.

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Hi Richard and welcome to the forums! I’ll add this feature in the next release of BlinkStick Client application. Thanks for the idea!

That would be amazing, if you manage to implement it i’m sure a few people in my office would be interesting in buying them as it would be a really useful too. Do you have any idea when this could happen?

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What version of Exchange server are you using? This information may speed up things a little bit :slight_smile:

Just had a look and it appears to be Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 SP2, or if that makes sense.

I use IMAP for our local EXchange

IMAP is already possible with the BlinkStick Client, but it is not active in many Exchange environments. So the idea with the connection directly to the Exchange is a good one.

In addition I would think about an EWS interface. My experience is that you don´t have the problem with incompatibilities if you are using EWS. The Exchange Web Services can be used since Exchange 2010 (or they work well since 2010, maybe it was possible to get it running with 2007 already).

Following up if there is any new information on this? I started a similar thread here

I’m looking for this level of integration as well as a trigger when the 15 minutes before a meeting notification pops up which I’m guessing is a client side activity requiring some sort of event notification locally from Outlook. If reminders can be monitored/received via the Exchange Web Services (and I need to verify they are available in my environment) that would be an option too.

I’m not afraid of doing some coding myself (even if it’s VBA.)

Sorry to cross post but I hadn’t found this thread when I created mine.

Hey Aric,

afaik there are no news on this. These are only suggestions for new functions from users.

I´ve did a small google search and found a few hints of how to use the Outlook API or Exchange EWS. (you´ll find C# examples, VBA as well).
VBA Example:

Working with the EWS API (C#)

Maybe the Outlook API solution will be the easier one, EWS needs a bit practice first.
Hope this could lead you to the right direction.

Thanks! That looks like a good start and I do prefer to work with C#.

Looks like EWS was the way to go. They have it open here (some organizations I believe will block those APIs) although I had to stick with Exchange 2007 API because that’s what they are running here.

I’d be willing to share my code but I don’t want to create my own GitHub repository as that implies I would be supporting it which I don’t want to commit to. I suppose I could add it to the existing Examples .net Solution on GitHub.

Only problem is I probably hardcoded some stuff that’s specific to the Nano since that’s what I had to test with.

Hey Aric,
you can create a new thread and present your application there. Just upload your source as ZIP over Dropbox, Google or so and share a link in that thread.
I think there are a lot people interested in this.

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Just to followup I decided I would upload it to GitHub. I’m working on that now and will supply a link to it in a new thread when I’ve got it ready.

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Ok I created a new thread for the repository here: Notifications for meetings and new email from Microsoft Exchange Server using EWS