Need Advice Getting the Python 2.7 Blinkstick Library to Work


I recently purchased the Blinkstick Square for a specific purpose. Great product.

I have it in a Raspberry Pi 3B system and have tested via the command line using the blinkstick utility.

I could use the send system command function to send the text to the console from within Python…this works.

However, I really need the python blinkstick library because I will be making calls from within a multiprocess process in my kernel.

I am assuming the your library communicates directly through the USB COMM port and not sending commands to the console.

The problem I am having is that the blinkstick library cannot be found. I have tried Python 2.7 and 3 from the IDLE and command line…and

I have researched extensively on the net for this problem … I have found some solutions most stating that it is a problem with pip…to no avail…and yes, I have searched and found links for raspberry pi implementation…I have removed and reinstalled, etc. nothing has worked…

I still cannot get the blinkstick library to be found by python…it just doesn’t find it and cannot resolve references.

I would even appreviated instructions on what I need to do for a manual installation if that is possible…where to download the files…where to place them on the raspberry pi…what environment variables need to be set…and similar things.

ANY HELP would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You,