Morph multiple LEDs simultaneously with Blinkstick Pro


I have seen other topics regarding this for Square which seems to support it with mode 3. From what I understand this is not a mode in Blinkstick Pro. I’d like to be able to morph/fade multiple LED’s simultaneously. Are there plans to possibly support a list of indexes for these commands? I can change them instantaneously by sending data to the channel but didn’t see a way to morph multiple LEDs.


How to morph colors on the flex

Hey Cody,

it is already possible to send data to multiple LEDs in mode 2.
For C# and Python take a look at this:

But for morph, blink etc. you need to write your own code at the moment.
If you mean something like this…

byte[] index = new byte[5] {1,2,3,4,5};
blink.Morph(0, index, "Blue", 10, 1000);

…it would be great, but this is not possible.