Make a blinkstick work with restrictions on Windows


So, it seems simple this but I work in a world of extreme restrictions.

I have the code I want in working fine in Python, and VBA (Does that count?!) but I need it in a controlled environment now,

Things I cannot do in this world:
Install python (yeah, I know, assume that is I cannot install anything)
Install software (could get away with a powershell script or an exe with source code and proven compilation path)
Write in C# (personal limitation - I gave it 6 hours tonight and realised it needed a little more than that)

Things I can do
Write in VBA
Write in VB.NET
Write in Python
Write in lots of other languages I cannot install
Convert Python to EXE (py2exe) problem with “eggs” in py2usb?! (ran out of knowledge)
Be reasonably sensible ?!

So end game is control blinkstick from a virgin install PC with Windows and a file (EXE or script).

Thoughts very, very welcome.

Hello and welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

Could a command line tool be the solution for your issue?
Just a thought.
Take a look at this thread:

That is a good starting point! Thank you.