I'm completely new at this and have a couple questions for the BlinkStick Pro


Iā€™m planning on doing the BlinkPulse from this video . Iā€™m planning on buying the BlinkStick Pro and use it with this LED strip. It has a WS2812B/WS2811 controller. Iā€™m planning on using about 80ish LEDs from the strip.

Would the BlinkStick Pro work with it?
Do I need the LED adapter and does it allow control of individual LEDs?

Thanks for the help.


Hey Azpen,

WS2812B should be supported by BlinkStick Pro.
You do not need the here offered LED Adapter. The adapter is for not addressable LED strips.
For informations about what additional power supply you need and how to calculate it, take a look at this turorial:


Thanks for the info :smiley:

One more thing. Can I use the molex cable from the PSU as the external power.

Also the tutorial you link mentioned that LEDs have a range of 0-255, but the LEDs I linked/bought has a range of 0-7. Should I still be using 0-255 or should I change it to 0-7?