Blinkstick on Mac


I am trying to test my blinkstick on my mac. I have followed these instructions.

When I issue blinkstick --help, i get the following.

BlinkStick control script 1.1.8
(c) Agile Innovative Ltd 2013-2014

Usage: blinkstick [options] [color]

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -i, --info            Display BlinkStick info
  -s SERIAL, --serial=SERIAL
                        Select device by serial number. If unspecified, action
                        will be performed on all BlinkSticks.
  -v, --verbose         Display debug output

  Change color:
    These options control the color of the device

    --channel=CHANNEL   Select channel. Applies only to BlinkStick Pro.
    --index=INDEX       Select index. Applies only to BlinkStick Pro.
    --brightness=LIMIT  Limit the brightness of the color 0..100
    --limit=LIMIT       Alias to --brightness option
    --set-color=COLOR   Set the color for the device. This can also be the
                        last argument for the script. The value can either be
                        a named color, hex value, 'random' or 'off'.
                        CSS color names are defined
               e.g. red, green,
                        blue. Specify color using hexadecimal color value e.g.
    --inverse           Control BlinkSticks in inverse mode
                        Set the number of LEDs to control for supported

  Control animations:
    These options will blink, morph or pulse selected color.

    --blink             Blink LED (requires --set-color or color set as last
                        argument, and optionally --delay)
    --pulse             Pulse LED (requires --set-color or color set as last
                        argument, and optionally --duration).
    --morph             Morph to specified color (requires --set-color or
                        color set as last argument, and optionally
                        Set duration of transition in milliseconds (use with
                        --morph and --pulse).
    --delay=DELAY       Set time in milliseconds to light LED for (use with
    --repeats=REPEATS   Number of repetitions (use with --blink and --pulse).

  Device data and behaviour:
    These options will change device mode and data stored internally.

    --set-mode=MODE     Set mode for BlinkStick Pro:
                            0 - default
                            1 - inverse
                            2 - ws2812
                            3 - ws2812 mirror
                        Set the first info block for the device.
                        Set the second info block for the device.

  Advanced options:
    --add-udev-rule     Add udev rule to access BlinkSticks without root
                        permissions. Must be run as root.

But when I issue “blinkstick --pulse red” I get nothing.

I also ran this code as well `from blinkstick import blinkstick

for bstick in blinkstick.find_all():
    print "Found device:"
    print "    Manufacturer:  " + bstick.get_manufacturer()
    print "    Description:   " + bstick.get_description()
    print "    Serial:        " + bstick.get_serial()
    print "    Current Color: " + bstick.get_color(color_format="hex")
    print "    Info Block 1:  " + bstick.get_info_block1()
    print "    Info Block 2:  " + bstick.get_info_block2()`

No values got returned.

I am not seeing the blinkstick at all when I go to "about this mac > system report > usb

Please help.


Seems your machine did not recognize your BlinkStick device. Try to operate your Blinkstick behind a hub at first and see if anything changes.