BlinkStick AmbiLight - A real AmbiLight for Flex and Pro


Hey p0ke

I have something for you. I’ve dug out that code and created a repo for the project for you to see. It’s intended for clevo keyboard but virtual LED is the same. Take a little look at in the Source folder, I’ve added some comments for increased readability. Happy for you to create a new thread and repo for this


Thanks, have taken a look in it. It should be easy to add BlinkStick support for python. But I have no experiences for android and stuff, also no device for testing it.
First of all I´m thinking about to build a connection to Prismatik for my BlinkStick Ambilight. Depends on the time I will have :wink:


Youre welcome, I hope it can be of some use. It should be pretty straight forward. I’ve got a custom version of Pris in the “P” folder, much faster build.

(Turn on directx hooking for games) I guess it would be nice to have a blinkstick plugin for Pris?

I haven’t had a look at blink stick api yet but I’m assuming its rgb which means that you wouldn’t need half the functions I used. If you use prismatik’s profile setup wizard, be sure to set to “Virtual LED Device”. You can define all of your leds in there too.

Regarding hardware. What’s the best flex strip approach for a tv? 32 led may be enough but depending on the spacing… Potential for power supply/powered hub and multiple strips?